Cellphones Help Seniors

How Cell Phones for Seniors Can Help Your Elderly Parents? 

With age, it is important for parents to be in touch always. Getting locked outside the home or accidental fall can easily put landline difficult to access for them. But having an easy to use cell phone handy can bring peace of mind to both generations.

On the flip side, if your parent is mentally sharp or highly mobile, they may use a smartphone to video chat with their grandkids, play games, and use Google Maps to find directions.

According to a research, around 77% of adults who are above 65 have switched to mobile devices that are straight forward and simple to use. Here’s how a cell phone can make their lives easier –

  • Stay Connected through Social Media

You may introduce your elderly to an innovative way of connecting to their family. They can easily stay active and online with cell phone that is understandable.

  • Go Mobile Around the Country

Your elderly can easily navigate through their town or an unknown city with Google Apps or any navigation apps. They can easily find the nearest stores or restaurants. They can easily call home and find out what they should pick up if they ever forget grocery list. For people above 65 who can enjoy more mobile lifestyle, buy them a smartphone with advanced features so they can stay in touch with relatives through text, email and social media.

Stay Online for Grandkids

Kids and teens always stick to the technology. Your elderly parents can use technology to their advantage to connect to their kids. Their grand kids will really love to see the recent pictures of their grandpa at the Grand Canyon or video of Nana standing next to a tourist attraction. They can easily share what they are up to, whether they are shopping grocery, gardening, or just visiting friends.