Walk In Tubs

Today's Best Rated Walk-in Tubs

Statistics prove that one in three seniors fall each year and that eighty percent of these falls are in the bathroom. These falls are usually due to getting in and out of a traditional shower or bathtub. One can lower the risk of having the elderly person you love from becoming a statistic by talking to them about getting a walk-in tub installed.

What is a Walk-in Tub? 

A walk-in tub is just like the name describes, you "walk in" and have a seat on the bench seat while the tub fills up with water. These tubs are very helpful and convenient for the elderly or disabled person that is unable to stand for the length of time it takes to shower, or they are unable get to get into a traditional bathtub that is too low for them to get in and out of comfortably. Walk-in tubs are the perfect answer for someone with mobility issues this type of tub is a great way to give an otherwise dependent person a sense of independence, because now with their walk-in tub, they get bathe by themselves, in the privacy of their bathroom.

A walk-in tub versus shower, which one is best? If you are caregiver of an elderly or disabled person, particularly if this person is a parent, you know how difficult bath time can be. Bathing is supposed to be a private time for a person and if that person has to ask for assistance from someone (their child) this can be very humiliating and frustrating. Well, the walk-in tub takes the humiliation out of bath time. With their new walk-in tub, there is a door on the side (or front) that the person can enter their tub, they can then sit on the bench seat as the tub fills up so they can bathe in private. When done bathing, simple open the drain to drain the tub, then the bather can simply exit the tub by the door instead of having to lift themselves up and over the bathtub.

What are some disadvantages of the walk-in tub? Like anything else that has a lot of pros for it, there will be the cons against it. One disadvantage is that the person must sit in the tub and wait for it to fill up. This can possibly be a chilly thing to do and getting the water to a comfortable temperature can prove to be taxing on one's patience as well. Also, waiting for the tub to drain can be another annoying factor to deal with. Unless, you are financially able to go with the added expense of having fast-filling faucets, fast-moving drains and temperature control features installed, these will be some factors to consider. One more fact to think about is that you may have to include the cost of installing a larger more state of the art water heater, one with the capability to fill the tub with the appropriate amount of warm water needed, because the standard size water heater in most homes may not hold enough hot water to fill your new walk-in tub to a comfortable level.

Best Rated Walk-in Tub Models

What types of walk-in tubs are available on the market today? There are several different types of walk-in tubs available. There are tubs for therapeutic and safety, you might be interested in adding a feature for quick-release (allows water to drain quicker than normal) so you or your elderly/disabled person does not have to sit in the bath water long waiting for the water to drain to get out.

The cost of having a walk-in tub may seem a little financially over budget for a person on a fixed retirement or Social Security income; however, if you are over 65 or disabled, or both, and on Medicare, then Medicare may be able to help with some or possibly all of the costs. If you're not on Medicare, there are other options, like applying for a financing plan, in which you make smaller affordable monthly payments towards the balance until it is paid in full.

However you decide to pay for it, looking into having a walk-in tub installed will be a very good investment. Did you know it actually can increase the value of your home? Particularly if you live near or in a retirement village.

The peace of mind you will have knowing that your loved one (or even yourself, if you are the elderly or disabled person) is not going to become another one of those "bathroom falls" statistic is reason enough to at least call a professional to come out and give you an estimate on installing a Walk-in Tub. Isn't it time for a bathroom upgrade anyway? We hardly ever think about our bathroom when doing upgrades, we seem to prefer to "live with it." Make that call today, you can call your local hardware or do-it-yourself store and get information about walk-in tubs and their cost and installation. You will not regret it, then bath time can be a relaxing time once again for all involved.