Hilton Hotels

Luxury is another name for this Hilton Hotels. Customer satisfaction is a priority for this group of hotels and thus this works out a preferred choice for many. This works out a comfortable choice not only for business travel but also for vacations with family or friends. This is because you have hotels of Hilton spread out in various different destinations. Opting to book directly offers you a wide range of amenities and other benefits.

Vacation Packages:

Depending on the location of the Hilton hotel you can look forward to vacation packages which make a stay here totally worthwhile experience. One of the packages offered is listed below.

*Resort Credit which works out to almost $50 on-property credit on a daily basis. This is with the Leisure escape Package. This credit can be used for lunch at the pool side, on site diving or unwinding at the spa.

Earning Points:

Earning Hilton honor points is easy as all you need to do is stay at a resort or a hotel which is within the Hilton Portfolio. For every US dollar spent on the room rate you can earn 10 Honor base points.  You can also earn points when you dine, travel, shop or spend with the partners of Hilton Hotels. Hilton Honors has multiple partners around the world which include car rentals, wine clubs and even credit cards.

Elite Status:

The stay at the Hilton hotels needs to be on a frequent basis to qualify for more Hilton Honors and reach the Elite status. When an individual reaches the Gold, Silver or the Diamond status you receive added rewards and recognition for the elite status. You can maintain and earn the elite status based on the Hilton Honor bonus points, stay which is earned in one calendar year.

With this Elite status earned you are offered additional benefits and special treatment when you stay in a Hilton Hotel.

Premium Room Rewards:

Earning the Premium Room rewards you have an opportunity of staying in the best suites and rooms available using the Hilton Honor Points. There are no blackout dates with this option of Premium Room booking. This booking of Premium rooms using the reward points is different in accordance to the location of the Hilton hotel, the room required and the stay and booking dates.

You can conduct an online search and get the required information on different reward points in the Hilton Hotels.